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Physical dependence means that you may experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking oxycodone suddenly, so it is important to take it exactly as directed by your doctor. This medicine is only available with a doctor’s prescription. Ask your doctor if you have any questions about why it has been prescribed for you. As with all strong painkillers, your body may become used to you taking OxyNorm capsules. Taking it may result in physical dependence. OxyNorm capsules contain oxycodone hydrochloride. Oxycodone belongs to a group of medicines called opioid analgesics. OxyNorm capsules are used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Your doctor, however, may prescribe it for another purpose.

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Dosage and Administration

Posology: The dose should be adjusted according to the severity of pain, the total condition of the patient and previous or concurrent medication. Adults over 18 years: The following starting doses are recommended. A gradual increase in dose may be required if analgesia is inadequate or if pain severity increases. i.v. (Bolus): Dilute in 0.9% saline, 5% dextrose or water for injections. Administer a bolus dose of 1 to 10 mg slowly over 1-2 minutes in opioid naïve patients. Doses should not be administered more frequently than every 4 hours. i.v. (Infusion): Dilute in 0.9% saline, 5% dextrose or water for injections. A starting dose of 2 mg/hour is recommended for opioid naïve patients. i.v. (PCA): Dilute in 0.9% saline, 5% dextrose or water for injections. Bolus doses of 0.03 mg/kg should be administered with a minimum lock-out time of 5 minutes for opioid naïve patients. Children and adolescents under 18 years of age should not be given the injection.Buy Oxynorm Online


It contains the active ingredient oxycodone which belongs to a group of medicines called strong analgesics or ‘painkillers’.This injection has been prescribed for you by your doctor to relieve moderate to severe pain.

Side Effects

Dry mouth, loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal pain or discomfort, diarrhea. – Confusion, depression, a feeling of unusual weakness, shaking, lack of energy, tiredness, anxiety, nervousness, difficulty in sleeping, abnormal thoughts or dreams. – Difficulty in breathing or wheezing, shortness of breath, decreased cough reflex. – Rash. – Sweating. Buy Oxynorm Online


Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse before treatment with OxyNorm injection if you: – are elderly or weakened; – have an under-active thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), as you may need a lower dose; – have myxoedema (a thyroid disorder with dryness, coldness and swelling [‘puffiness’] of the skin affecting the face and limbs; – have a head injury, severe headache or feel sick as this may indicate that the pressure in your skull is increased; – have low blood pressure (hypotension); – have low blood volume (hypovolaemia); this can happen with severe external or internal bleeding, severe burns, excessive sweating, severe diarrhoea or vomiting; – have a mental disorder as a result of an infection (toxic psychosis); – have inflammation of the pancreas (which causes severe pain in the abdomen and back); – have problems with your gall bladder or bile duct; – have inflammatory bowel disease.Buy Oxynorm Online Wiki

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